Process and Feasibility

Considering the production methods of the sheet metal parts, a series of feasibility studies are carried out by first checking the compliance of the parts with the sheet metal molding methods and methodology. Problems that may occur during molding on the components are being reported to our customers together with solution suggestions.

Pruva Automotive determines the operations of it's producible parts and creates the appropriate process and method by first doing the trim work together with the drawing simulation. In the light of these studies, back oscillation studies on the part are carried out afterwards. Going one step further, compensatory work is also carried out in line with the demands of our customers, which will occur after trials.

  • Feasibility - Manufacturability Analysis
  • Process Method Design and Method Development
  • Process Simulation
  • Cam Operation Simulation
  • Transfer Study Simulation
  • Trim Optimization
  • Spring Back Analysis - Spring Back Analysis
  • Compensation Studies and Trim Optimization

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