Our aim is to achieve the process of becoming a successfull "supplementary industry" that can adapt to the ever-developing Turkish Industry and the automotive industry, as well as to increase the profitability and efficiency of the products and to reach international standards in it's own field.

The "Long-Term Strategy" of our company is to develop the process of becoming a "Brand" in the whole World with the R&D studies to be developed and to sign projects with high value added.

Welded sheet metal mold design and manufacturing within the scope of our R&D project, Our article is published on the website of Tribology and Materials magazine.

As part of our Stainless Steel Heat Shield Mold Design and Manufacturing R&D projects; Our statement has been published in the book of the well-known International Publishing House, Platanus Publishing, in the March 2023 International Book Chapter - International Researches in the Field of Engineering.

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